Accepting Results

by Brandon Kader
“Accepting Results” - Video Essay I wanted to explore the ways that the comment on accepting the results of the election evolved after the third presidential debate. I used the data from the duplitron results over post-debate commentary and found some interesting clips, the most relevant being Trump’s announcement at his post-debate rally. To have a lighter mood to the essay I constructed a video sequence to my song, “Charms of Convincing.” I used cuts to the moderator Chris Wallace to keep the audience focus in mind. By addressing the audience in the beginning, middle and end of the sequence, I was able to keep a neutral direct address to the viewer. My intention is to cover the most frequented topics in news shows that were about these soundbites from the debate. The “suspense of the results” developed in response with announcing, “accept if I win” and “nasty woman” into “crooked Hillary.” In my research and review of the news shows I found an abundance of political commentary from speakers that sounded more ridiculous than the scandal that was being discussed. I wanted to include the twitter response at the end to show how influential the social networking media had to be in this political commentary about accepting the results, “no excuses.” I was able to communicate the need for voting and participation on behalf of the people and to have a more light hearted perspective on the presidential election.

Made by a bunch of people in 2016 *