Trump’s spin doctor’s favorite disease

by Kim
As discussed last Monday, for this week's assignment I've started with looking Sunday's (yesterday) news shows. Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and son Eric Trump made a prime example of concerted spinning of the political rhetoric. Apparently this week the Trump campaign will be all about attacking the 'mainstream media' again. Though Conway and Son Trump couldn't agree on (or remember?) the number of percent of supposedly biased journalists donating to Hillary Clinton's campaign: 94 or 96 percent? Denouncing the media, the Fourth Estate after all, as generally biased and untruthful is dangerous and - in my mind - should be immediately uncovered as such. My home country Germany has a lot of history and experience with calling the media Lügenpresse (lying press). The Nazis used it to distribute their own antisemitic propaganda, also against communists and against foreign media. Now the new right-wing movement Alternative für Deutschland (AfD; Alternative for Germany) is using the the same term for their anti-immigration, xenophobic, undemocratic rhetoric. Somehow this same word (Lügepresse) made to Trump rallys: But is that even surprising after listening to Conway, Trump junior and the likes promoting exactly that? It baffles me how any political leader of a democratic system would want to be associated with this propaganda scheme -- let alone actively fuel it.

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